Posted by: wiltjk | November 26, 2010

Frameworks are our Friend???

Trying to get some work done on a document authoring management system, I bask in the time I can save by having a wonderful framework from which I build my solution.

Or do I?

Looking at the email alerts I’m creating, I come upon this…


The issue here is identifying the responsible party (both in code and development) as the cause for this is too obscure to identify from a simple “Not Responding” status.

When we rely on frameworks, we get much from a consistency and productivity perspective. However, we loose control of granularity and relinquish responsibility for performance amongst other Quality Attributes.

How can we hold anyone accountable when there is no direct path for responsibility? Do Frameworks simply give us an excuse to not fix bad situations like the one shown above?

Time to reboot Outlook so I can get back to work…


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