Posted by: wiltjk | April 16, 2012

Frameworks Don’t “Do” IT Architecture

Simply put, frameworks don’t “do” IT architecture, architects do.

For about 18. months, I spent a week in a different country 3X a month working with many of our industry’s top EAs, Solution, Infrastructure, and Information architects. Many were certified in a given framework – which I would certainly promote as a worthy use of one’s time and investment in their career.

So why were all these large corporations bringing me in if they already had invested so much in getting their architects certified in a given framework? Go back to the first line again. Although these enterprises had many architects certified in a framework, they were not executing well in the practice of architecture with that framework alone.

So, this is where something like IASA’s 5-pillars of Architect Core balanced the execution equation in that it compliments investments in frameworks by polishing the skills architects need to execute effectively with whatever frameworks they’ve adopted.

A hammer and nail are effective tools in building something, but remember that it is a skilled carpenter who can use them to build something beautiful. It is important that we equally promote the architectural skills required to deliver sound solutions. A class is a start, however, an IT Architecture Apprenticeship program would be an even greater investment/payback should an organization be willing to build one.


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