Posted by: wiltjk | April 18, 2012

Windows 8 Editions, Explained

The recently announced Windows 8 offerings are actually some well-thought scenarios. I will share my understanding of how these relate to consumers and businesses.

Home User on Desktop/Laptop/DeviceWindows 8 makes sense as most hardware providers will offer an Office bundle option. This, however, is definitely a poor choice for the consumer who wants connectivity to their corporate environment.

Enterprise Ready Desktop/Laptop/Premium DeviceWindows 8 Pro makes sense as it is full featured for necessary enterprise hardening. Office will be licensed by the corporation, so no bundling is needed.

Consumer Devices Brought to WorkWindows 8 RT is the newcomer to facilitate a new growing breed of devices. Naturally, storage will be limited, but consumption is the assumption for these devices. Bundled Office capabilities will provide necessary access to the many items created on the other platforms, but just as SharePoint Web Apps have this form of access, they are not for mainstream workloads. Bundling these makes so much sense as this is a great disruption in IOS and Android devices where interfacing with Office documents is dismal at best.

Connecting to the corporate network, but not the domain as in the Pro edition, also makes sense as these devices should have access to every capability inside that they do outside, but no more. This is where RDP (Client) will play a big part in that it allows access to line-of-business and domain apps in a more secure manner.

Others may argue finer points in the details, but on the surface, these three editions make it easy for consumers and businesses to decide on their Windows 8 journey accordingly.


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