Posted by: wiltjk | June 18, 2013

Is Your Cloud "Clean" or "Dirty"?

As we are ramping up to do everything in the cloud, I wonder sometimes how we all are going about it.

clip_image001 First is what I might suggest to be the "clean" approach: SaaS and PaaS provide a forward thinking approach to tackle our business problems from a new, greenfield perspective. They require us to think of our approach using a mindset that is bound by the best intent from the whole concept of what cloud computing actually is (fabric, elasticity, pay-as-you-go/use).

This reminds me of a bright, sunny, snow-covered landscape in Michigan in January or February which is brilliant and breathtaking.

clip_image002 Next we have what I might suggest to be the "dirty" approach: IaaS which stems from taking how we operate today on physical infrastructure and simply moving it directly to cloud hosted virtualized infrastructure. Essentially, It is all about taking your existing mess on-premises to your mess in-the-cloud. We tend to like this approach because it is quick and, well, dirty – meaning we don’t have to think about it because thinking is either a taxing or expensive process we should avoid.

This reminds me of all the salt-dirt-snow mix in Michigan in March which makes you yearn for Spring to sweep in and wipe out this horrible mess of a landscape.

I wonder if maybe the same will be true of IaaS in the short time I expect SaaS and PaaS to become mainstream. If this prediction does come to fruition, I might suggest that we focus our efforts on things like Office 365 and Azure over the currently popular IaaS mainstream push we see today because Spring for our cloud solutions may be just around the corner.


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