Posted by: wiltjk | October 3, 2013

Why Architect Certification is so Important

I was recently talking to a fellow architect whom I truly admire, Bruce Joseph. Bruce was sharing with me how over his career, fellow architects in all companies he’s worked in and with have varying degrees of collaborative skills. In most situations, architect to architect collaborations are somewhere on the scale from dismal to even abusive.

Like Bruce, I have seen both those collaborations that work and those which fail miserably. My inclination is to examine which Human Dynamics skills promote greater collaboration, but Bruce got me thinking…

Those situations in which I see the greatest success are not due to some magic communication skill. Rather, they are often among architects who operate at an elevated level of maturity where when they disagree with differing opinions and even knowledge, they work together to attain the best outcome. Let me be clear, This is rarely an outcome based on compromise, it is based on achieving the business goals at hand.

As I run through the inventory of positive outcomes I’ve experienced, the one thing I repeatedly see is that the architects who behave well generally are in their role with some form of Professional or Mastery architect certification. This could be Open Group, IASA, MCA, etc.

These certifications tend to recognize architectural skills that execute across a common taxonomy with a high level of repeatability of which one attribute or discipline is Human Dynamics.

When architects execute collaboratively, they achieve greater outcomes in far less time. They can’t do this by being “taught” the skill as it is going to be a skill they build over time. While there will always be exceptions, architect certification is a “tell” to know the potential and probability is very high that your architects will work together to attain the greatest outcome.


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