Jim Wilt focuses his deep experience and seasoned problem solving skills toward helping his customers architect the best possible solutions to succeed with their thorniest problems related to aligning their strategic business goals with technology.With a degree in Physics/Computer Science/Mathematics from Central Michigan University, he has been awarded for his development of operating systems to real-time machine control and CAD solutions in aerospace to business solutions utilizing advanced Microsoft technologies.

He is now tenured in strategy and innovation consulting and advocates driving technology solutions in the forms of  smart client, cloud, and integration from business strategies using appropriate innovation & strategy tools in his principal role as an IP Architect/Cloud Stream Lead at Microsoft.

Having a passion for the advancement of higher education, Jim has attained both MCA and CITA-P certifications and participates on advisory boards at Central Michigan University’s College of Science & Technology where he is a 2006 Distinguished Alumni award recipient, is an International Association of Software Architects (IASA) instructor, and serves on IASA CITA-P architect review boards.

Jim is a regular speaker at SharePoint user groups, IASA events, Microsoft SAF, TechReady, & TechEd as well as Channel 9 broadcasts. As an avid marathon runner, Jim enjoys participating in race events all over the world.


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